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We have our own plant (Kani Plant) in Gifu Prefecture (Kani-city).

DDK has its own plant in Kani city, Gifu prefecture, covering an area of 8,400 square meters. Kani city has a large population in its west part since 1970s, with its favorable geographic condition that it closes Aichi prefecture, and has been developing as a commuter town of Nagoya city. DDK has been developed along with Kani city. From Kani to every world market, we help your daily manufacturing process.
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Quick response for customization, repair, and maintenance

Unlike other Japanese manufactures of nutrunner and servo press systems, DDK has its own plant in Japan. This is why we are so good at customizing products based on our expertise as a manufacturer.
Our engineers are ready to give you after-sales support. Our Total Support Service, assuring you when really in need is our best advantage for sure.
Total Support Service