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Total support which covers from planning to support, repair, inspection after delivery

Dai-Ichi Dentsu is the trustworthy brand with its products fully produced under carefully controlled conditions at our plant here in Japan. In addition to our product quality, we have complete confidence to our support after delivery.

Our new “Total Support Service” offers a rapid and efficient response to any urgent matter. If you are looking to start overseas operations, or your factories are always running busy, or when you are not sure how or where to find a suitable contact to obtain repairs, just contact us----we are the one you are looking for.


Features of Our Support

Service Division at local agencies
We have service centers in 14 countries, so we can respond to our customers wherever they may be. With the introduction of our video conference system, we can provide seamless support, without restriction to a particular time. This can provide a wide range of information or facilitate presentations, individual product descriptions, and various meetings as needed.
Rapid action based on customer information
Because all customer information is stored in our database, we can always access the latest information from any department. Inspection, repair, exchange, and emergency response; to cover every conceivable situation, we can offer suitable proposals for you.
Broad support from a wealth of experience and human resources
Since our beginnings we have been specialists in customization and have always manufactured equipment to our customers’ specifications. Each of our technicians is highly skilled and always offer comprehensive support. Our inspection follows a customized inspection suitable for each customer, rather than just following to the inspection manual.
Speedy repairs from our exclusive repair department
Every second your factory line stopped is lost time. To handle this, we have established an exclusive repair department. Professional repair staffs are available for immediate consultation who can assess the crisis level. This is one of many reasons why DDK is the first choice for so many customers.
Quick recovery through emergency response stock
Through years of experience, we have created the most efficient emergency response procedures. We have procedures to respond to situations such as abnormal stop, instantaneous interruption multiple, cable disconnection, poor accuracy and NG multiple. Once the problem is understood, we will find the shortest route to getting things moving again. We have built trust with our customers in our push to cut our emergency response time.