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Linked to customers in 30 countries, in over 1000 companies, with trust

Our clients include major automobile manufacturers who have expanded their development and global production base. In 1983, we opened a local subsidiary in North America and began business with companies residing there.
Also, the emergence of the BRIC economies marked our entry into the Indian market. Advanced information technology allows rapid response within the accelerating process of globalization along with a reduced delivery times worldwide. In this way, we are contributing to the industry and improving people’s lives in many countries.
With the introduction of a video conference system, we now provide seamless support that is not constrained by time limitations. We respond to various needs including presentations, individual product descriptions, various meetings, and education.

A Service Base in Each Country




●North America

●South America

We can provide the full support for after sales service in overseas and training.

We have agencies in each country that are fully familiar with our products, and in each country we provide after-sales service and product training. In addition, facility design including our products and production can also be supported by our local agents.
Some of our customers
Aisin   Aisin AI   Aisin AW   Isuzu Motors Limited   LG Electronics
Kia Motors   KYB   Hyundai Motor   Komatsu  

Samsung Electronics

Sanden Corporation   CFME   GM   Auto Parts Industries   Showa Corporation
Caterpillar Japan   Mitsubishi Electric   Suzuki Motor Corporation   Sony Corporation   FAW
Daicel Chemical Industries   Daewoo Motor   TATA CUMMINS   Changan Automobile   Changan Suzuki
Changhe Suzuki   Telco   Denso Corporation   Tokiwa Works   Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Industries Corporation   Nissan Koki   Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.   Hitachi, Ltd.   Hino Motors
FANUC   FORD   Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.   Bosch   Honda Engineering
Honda Motor Co.   Mazda   MARUTI   Mitsubishi Motors   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsubishi Electric   Yamashita Rubber   Yamaha   Topy Industries   (Other 1000 companies and more)

Delivery Records

Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Iran, Turkey
Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Belarus
North America
United States, Mexico, Canada
South America
Oceanian region
Africa region
Republic of South Africa